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Computer Auto Shut Down 2.2

It can be used to shut down your computer at a specified time
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Computer Auto Shut Down allows you to schedule your system’s shutdown beforehand. This free and simple utility offers you the possibility of setting either a time lapse or a specific date and time in the calendar for your computer to shut itself down automatically.

Its limited functionality calls for a simple and functional interface. Thus, the one-window interface offered by Computer Auto Shut Down merely offers you two possible ways of setting the precise moment at which you want your computer to power off. One possibility is to choose a lapse of time in minutes from the list provided, which will shut your PC down in X minutes from the moment you activate the countdown. The second possibility allows you to set a precise date and time in the future, useful to schedule your system’s shutdown task well ahead in time.

This review refers to the free version of this software tool, which limits its functionality to shutting down your computer. However, for a nominal fee, Computer Auto Shut Down will open you the possibility of using the same interface and the same time setting capabilities to put your computer into either hibernation or sleep mode, to log it off, and to reboot your system at a given time and date.

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  • Supports command-line operation
  • Easy to set up and cancel
  • Does not intefere with your other PC activities


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